Accelerator Tuners

Accelerator Tuners

    Have you ever found yourself trying to merge on to the highway from the entrance ramp, and felt that if only you could just have a little bit more get up and go? Or what about those of you with lifted Jeeps, that have much larger tires and/or wheels than stock, which leads to what feels like less power? Well, there is a solution for that, and it will not require expensive upgrades to your engine. The solution is an accelerator tuner. We currently offer two brands, Pedal Box and Interstar Power Pedal. 

    What does an accelerator tuner do? It will increase your acceleration by 10% through optimizing the accelerator characteristics of your vehicle and unlocks the vehicle’s full potential.  With these tuners, it will cause your vehicle to react much faster to all incoming signals from the gas pedal alleviating any delay. This will result in improved throttle response allowing the driver to speed up and overtake more easily. One other great thing about this plug-and-play tuner is it literally takes minutes to install and set up. Something even better to not have to be concerned about is voiding any vehicle manufacturer warranties.  

     There are slight differences between Pedal Box, and Power Pedal. Pedal Box is controlled by a device that is wired into your vehicle computer and has 4 different pre-programmed driving modes.  The Interstar power pedal also plugs into your vehicle computer, but it is controlled through Bluetooth technology on your smartphone or smartwatch. The Interstar tuner has 3 pre-programmed driving modes and costs roughly $50.00 less than the Pedal Box accelerator tuner.



     You can order your accelerator tuner directly from our website. DO IT TODAY!!! You will be glad you did.

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