AMP Research Is A Step Above

AMP Research Is A Step Above

We love our Jeeps but they can be awkward to climb into and out of, especially once lifted. Worse, any vertically challenged people in our lives may not want to ride with us because they have to hurl themselves in, risking injury or embarrassment. AMP Research has the accessory for you. Introducing the Power Step, a trick power-assisted retractable step that swings down when you open the door and retracts under the rocker panel when you shut the door.

This ingenious design not only helps us climb in and out of our Jeeps without incident, it also helps retain the cool factor of our Jeep due to the Power Step retracting so it hides the step when you’re not using it. Retracting not only cleans up the lines of our Jeeps, it also gives us the added clearance needed while running the trails and climbing over rocks.

For those of us with either maximum lifts and the tallest tires we can fit or just a shorter inseam, AMP Research also offers the PowerStep XL, which offers a 3" lower stepping surface.

Let us help give you a step up! We can ship the parts for you to bolt on or we can install them for you in our cutting-edge facility in Houston, TX.

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