Ballistic - Wheels for the Hardcore Off-Roader

Ballistic - Wheels for the Hardcore Off-Roader

Ballistic - Wheels for the Hardcore Off-Roader

If you regularly add scratch marks to your skid plate, then you are probably a pretty aggressive off-road driver. If that's you, then you need wheels that can hold up against the treatment doled out by rugged terrain and your desire to take the road less taken. When you break trails, you run the risk of breaking parts of your ride. You can minimize that risk, and look good while doing it, by mounting a set of super tough Ballistic off-road rims on your ride. At AWT Jeeps in Houston, we have the hardcore off-road driver covered with a great inventory of Ballistic wheels in all sizes ready to go for Jeeps, trucks, and off-road SUVs.

In 2011 Ballistic set out to fill a need for off-road enthusiasts. Their mission was to build a wheel specifically for off-road use that had the strength and durability required for the roughest ride and make it an eye-grabber that would transform any off-road ride it was mounted on. In addition, they engineered wheels that would accommodate serious lifts and they made them in a ton of different sizes, bolt patterns and offsets. Lastly, they committed to creating a wheel that was affordable. They did that and today they have a super line of off-road wheels we would love to show you.

Function, Style, and Value

Made specifically for 4x4s, off-road trucks and SUVs, Ballistic rims are made with a patented one-of-a-kind manufacturing process that makes them one of the strongest rims available. While they are fanatic about engineering and manufacturing, somebody in the company has an eye for style as well and the result is a line of wheels that are major attention grabbers. They take a standard six or eight spoke design and turn it into something special with milled cutouts, machine accents and decorative beadlock style bolts. The attention to detail on the finish is incomparable. It almost seems a shame to cover them up in dirt and mud but when you wash them off you are going to look so cool on the road.

Another big advantage of the Ballistic is their attention to fitment. Available in a broad range of sizes, widths and bolt patterns, you can be sure you are mounting a wheel that is going to fit perfectly. We think you are really going to like these rims. If you are thinking about giving your ride a lift and moving to big rubber, check us out. The Ballistics are a good value by themselves, but we occasionally run some super deals on Ballistic wheels and Repulsor M/T RX tires you really don't want to miss.

Give us a call at 877-223-6460 or drop by the shop and let's talk about giving your ride a great upgrade!

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