Big, Bold & Bronze – FIFTEEN52 Jeep Rims

Big, Bold & Bronze – FIFTEEN52 Jeep Rims

 Never heard of FIFTEEN52? That’s probably because they are relatively new to the off-road scene (2008), but they are far from beginners in building tough, lightweight, performance rims. Since the mid-90s, FIFTEEN52 has been equipping tuner teams for VW, Audi, and Porsche motorsports and rally teams with high-performance wheels. The company’s close association and collaboration with Ken Block, an icon in motorsport craziness, has significantly influenced wheel design, engineering, and manufacturing technology deployed in the making of FIFTEEN52 rims.

 So, in 2008 the company decided to jump onto the off-road bandwagon and build rims that are ideal for the icon of the trails, Jeep. The logic was the motorsports crowd had the same sense of adventure and risk-taking as serious off-road enthusiasts. FIFTEEN52 had proven they could turn out hot-looking, performance wheels that were strong enough to take serious abuse, so designing a rim that would fit and enhance off-road rides became an issue.

 It’s obvious the inspiration for these wheels comes from the rally racing days of the mid-90s. The retro five-spoke design and hallmark ventilated rim ring give an awesome sporty look to Jeep Wrangler JK, JL or Gladiator JTs.

Turbomac HD

 The Turbomac is an exceptionally successful performance wheel and the first model FIFTEEN52 “converted” to an off-road rim. With the assistance of Ken Block, who tested the end product on his Ford Raptor, unique features and fitment were added to the Turbomac, and the off-road-ready Turbomac HD was introduced. This cast monobloc alloy wheel features a classic five-spoke design surrounded by a ventilated ring that assists in evacuating mud and stones. The addition of a simulated beadlock with stainless steel hardware adds additional protection for the face and valve stem. Available in a 17-inch diameter, the Turbomac HD, particularly in a Block Bronze finish, is an ideal addition to your ’07 or newer JK, JL or JT.

Analog HD

 If you have a Wrangler, you can complement the retro look with this rim that is reminiscent of the old “steelies” from the 90s. This one, the Analog HD, is made from aluminum alloy to reduce unsprung weight and has a reinforced flange design that forces air through the slotted pockets to cool the brakes. Available in 16 and 17-inch diameters in Peak Grey, Asphalt Black, and Classic White, the Analog HD will change the personality of your ride.

Traverse HD

 When you want a wheel that makes a statement but can still hit the trail with confidence, check out the Traverse HD in Block Bronze. With its slightly concave face surrounded by a functional ventilation ring and equipped with a rim saving, rock and dirt ejecting RockRing, The Traverse HD gives your ride an awesome appearance and the performance you want out of an off-road wheel. This 17-inch rim is also available in Asphalt Black for the Jeep owner with a more conservative taste.

 FIFTEEN52 is getting a lot of attention in the off-road community. If you like what you see but have fitment questions, give us a call at (877) 223-6460, and we will be happy to assist.

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