Helo Wheels – Champaign Looks on a Beer Budget

Helo Wheels – Champaign Looks on a Beer Budget

Helo Wheels – Champaign Looks on a Beer Budget

Do you have a ho-hum stock ride that you would like to juice up a bit and give a new look? One that better reflects who you are? One that is going to stand out and get attention? New rims are the quickest way to change a vehicle’s appearance and personality. But new wheels, particularly the ones with hot custom designs, can be downright pricy.

Allow us to introduce you to Helo Wheels. An affordable replacement wheel Helo Wheels has designs that will make your Jeep Wrangler TJ, JK, JL or Gladiator JT look like it just won best-in-class at an auto show. Just as durable as stock, way cooler looking, and way less expensive than custom wheels, Helo is the alternative for drivers looking for a new look without breaking the bank.

Founded in 1995, Helo focuses on OEM replacement rims meaning they are aluminum one-piece cast wheels with standard fitments. While the designs are custom, they will not break the bank. They are big into all black or black with offsetting accent finishes, make even the most plain Jane ride look dangerous.

Here is a short example of what we mean:


This excellent-looking wheel features an eight-spoke design, one-inch lip, simulated beadlock around the rim and is finished in gloss black with machined accents. Available in 18 and 20-inch sizes, the HE900 is an ideal alternative for stock rims on Wrangler and Gladiators. Recommended MSRP runs $244 to $304.


Want to elevate the look of your daily drive. This clean 7-spoke design with grooved spokes that extend to the bottom of the lip is sure to draw looks. Available in a range of sizes from 17 to 18-inches, this rim in simple satin black or the cool satin black machined with a dark tint will bring an aggressive look to even the frumpiest ride. Suggested MSRP $180 to $247.


This five-spoke beauty finished in gloss black machined has a load rating of 2,500lbs and comes in 18 and 20-inch diameters. The HE915 is certainly going to set your ride apart from the rest. Depending on size and finish, MSRP ranges from $238 to $277.


One of Helo’s most aggressive designs, the HE791 MAXX can turn a variety of rides into something extraordinary. Available in gloss black with milled accents in 16 and 17-inch diameters, this aluminum rim has a load rating of 2200 lbs and weights starting at 22.7 lbs. Suggested MSRP runs from $136 to $191.

There’s more, and to find out about them, check out our inventory or give us a ring at 877-223-6460. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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