Lift Up Your Ride with Pro-Comp Suspensions

Lift Up Your Ride with Pro-Comp Suspensions

Lift Up Your Ride and Your Off-Roader Cred with Pro-Comp Suspensions

If you are eying big rubber for your Wrangler, or if your off-road games require more clearance than you have, or if you simply want to have the coolest looking Jeep on the block, you're going to need a lift kit. Face it. If you want to get those oversized tires, or your skid plate is getting a beating every time you go up, over, or down a hill you need more clearance and the way you get that is by installing a lift kit.

Okay, if you are going to upgrade your Jeep Wrangler and turn it into an off-road monster, you need two things. You need an installer who knows what he is doing, and you need a high quality, reliable lift kit. If you live in Houston, you can't do better than AWT Jeep when it comes to professional installation services. In business for over 35 years, state of the art facility, and most importantly, staffed with experienced and knowledgeable experts in all things Jeep, AWT Jeep provides customer centric service and competitive prices. As for lift kits, we really like Pro Comp, a major manufacturer of off-road suspensions and accessories.

Pro Comp Offers More than One Suspension Solution

When you are messing with OEM steering and suspension geometry, as all lift kits do, you want a kit that is engineered to specifically fit your year and model. Just as importantly, you want a lift kit that is manufactured professionally using high quality materials and solid manufacturing processes. Pro Comp checks off both those boxes. They also know that not all off-road enthusiasts have the same needs, wants, or budgets and provide a number of suspension solutions for Jeeps.

Here are two examples of what we mean:

  • The Whole Magilla: If you want a complete overhaul and add 2 to 5 inches of lift, Pro Comp offers comprehensive lift kits engineered for your specific model. When this baby is installed, you will have all the lift you want. Your off-road performance will be improved but just as importantly, your steering and handling on concrete will remain true to your OEM suspension. But the reason we love them are all the included small touches like brake line extensions, longer bump stops, and sway bar drop brackets which means we don't have to piece together or fabricate "extra" parts for a perfect installation. The Pro Comp Lift Kit is a well thought out system, professionally manufactured and backed by their Lift Shield 5 year / 60,000 mile powertrain warranty on qualifying suspension kits .
  • A Little Less Lift:  If what you really want is a more aggressive stance or bigger wheels and tires, you can get the lift you need without getting a complete suspension overhaul. Pro Comp offers a product they call Nitro Kit that raises the front and rear without disturbing the steering dynamics of your OEM suspension. This kit uses coil spring spacers front and rear. Obviously, this is a far simpler solution than a full lift kit and as a result it is significantly more affordable.

So, when you are thinking about getting a taller ride, you have options with Pro Comp. Give us a call at 713-682-1085 or drop by the shop and let's talk your ride.

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