New Jeep Options Now Available At AWT Jeep - Rubicon Express

New Jeep Options Now Available At AWT Jeep - Rubicon Express

New Jeep Options Now Available At AWT Jeep

We are always looking for great values in Jeep parts, and soon, AWT Jeep will be adding another great brand to our stable of quality Jeep components. Of course, many of you are already familiar with Rubicon Express. We know this because we've seen Rubicon Express suspensions and other parts on customers' Jeeps when they bring them in for service or other accessories.

Jeep owners formed Rubicon Express in the 1990s with an aim to make tougher, better-performing Jeep suspensions for use on extreme terrain. Their trail-tested systems have developed a large following of Jeep enthusiasts who enjoy extreme off-roading. Transamerican Auto Parts acquired Rubicon Express in 2011. Transamerican also owns Pro Comp, bringing more suspension experience to the table and a history of standing behind and honoring their warranties.

In short, Rubicon Express was a perfect brand to offer our customers. And we got it done!

Smart Engineering Delivering Fun, Performance, and Safety

It's hard to say what makes up the best lift kits because different people have different needs. Is the Jeep a daily ride, a rock crawling hog used only on the weekends? Can you install the equipment yourself or, will you have to pay to have it installed? And of course, what kind of budget do you have?

Rubicon Express knows not everyone needs or wants the same kit, so they have assembled a collection of lifts offering different capabilities to pick what fits you best.

  • Economy Kit. It doesn't get easier for those looking for a slight lift or leveling out of their Wrangler than the Rubicon Express (RX) economy kit. Front and rear coil spacers teamed up with RX shocks increase your Wrangler's performance while maintaining its great ride. In addition, this kit allows 33-inch tires.
  • Sport Kit. If you own a 2007 or newer JK Wrangler or Unlimited, the sport kit can kick up your ride's performance, allow you to run 35-inch tires, give you the tall ride you want, and do it all without messing with your OEM steering geometry. This 3.5-inch lift kit comes with everything you need for installation. So do it yourself or take it to a qualified shop (like us).

These are just a couple of examples of what Rubicon Express has to offer. For details, call us at 877-223-6460 and speak to one of our Jeep suspension experts today. Call us now!

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