RBP Repulsor M/T - Off-Road Rubber Performance and Value for Jeep Drivers

RBP Repulsor M/T - Off-Road Rubber Performance and Value for Jeep Drivers

RBP Repulsor M/T - Off-Road Rubber Performance and Value for Jeep Drivers

RBP or Rolling Big Power, which is their legal name, makes all kinds of stuff for off-road light trucks and SUVs. We are talking retractable steps, grilles, exhaust tips, cast, and forged custom wheels, and a nice collection of branded apparel so you can look cool behind the wheel. They make a lot of stuff but what we want to talk about is one of our favorite off-road tires, the RBP Repulsor M/T.

The reason that the Repulsor M/T is one of our favorite tires is that it is one of our customers' favorite tires. The RBP Repulsor is an excellent all-around, all-season off-road tire that offers up great grip and traction on sand, gravel, mud, and snow, is durable, handles like a dream on the trail as well the highway, and does not cost an arm and a leg. In short, it is a perfect tire for drivers who also use their off-road ride as their daily ride. Are there better M/T tires available? You bet and we carry them. But if you are not into extreme off-road adventures, the RBP Repulsor M/T will work fine, and you won't have to lay out a bunch of green.

Building an Off-Road Tire that Works

RBP's popularity revolves around the durability and performance of their off-road tire line as well as their value pricing. It starts with an adaptable compound that holds up in both cold, snow-producing weather and the heat of a blazing desert. The tread pattern provides plenty of grip and traction on all types of terrain but is particularly "sticky" on mud trails, snow, and wet surfaces. That is important in building driver confidence as well as handling and braking.

When you leave the trail and start your weekly commute on the highway you will appreciate the reinforced sidewalls and shoulder design that give your off-road ride cornering and curve carving abilities you didn't know it had. Then there's this. When driving regular M/T tires at speed on pavement, you can forget about holding a conversation with any passenger thanks to the howling of your rubber. RBP's compound and unique tread design significantly reduce tire noise allowing you to chat with passengers or listen to tunes easily.

On the road or the trail, the Rolling Big Power Repulsor M/T delivers exceptional performance. Mud, sleet, sand, snow are the kinds of challenges these tires are designed for. Dry roads, wet roads, no roads, gravel, boulders, sand, and dirt are the surfaces these tires are at home with. If you need a new set of off-road rubber and you want one of the best values on the market, you have to give the RBP Repulsor a serious look. Drivers of TJs, JLs, JKs, Gladiators, and trucks ranging from Tacomas to F 150 Raptors have chosen the Repulsor as their tire of choice.

Available in a wide range of sizes, there is sure to be one suited for your ride. Browse our inventory or give us a call at 877-223-6460 and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your selection.

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