RBP Wheels – Not Just a Pretty Rim

RBP Wheels – Not Just a Pretty Rim

Last summer, we did an article about SEMA favorite RBP Wheels and what they have to offer in off-road wheels for Jeeps. And they have a lot to offer, most notably the 65R Glock, a 20-inch rim for Wrangler JK and JL, 74R Silencer, another 20-inch wheel with a load rating of 3400 lbs and a six-inch backspacing, and the 87R Blade, designed for the classic 1987-2006 Wrangler TJ/YJ in 20, 22, and 24-inch diameters. In addition, RBP cranks out awesome rims for trucks and SUVs and sometimes takes designs and finishes to the extreme. So if you are looking for a wheel that will get you and your ride noticed, RBP is your brand.

If you are looking for high-performance off-road rims, RBP has a wheel for you. Specializing in one-piece, forged, beadlock, and dually wheels, RBP is ready for work or play.

But, at RBP, they make a bunch more stuff and apply the same high-quality design, production, and finish standards as they have for their rims. So, if you are looking for suspension lift or leveling kits, power running boards, and steps so you can get into your lifted ride, an awesome custom grille, or exhaust tips, check out the RBP lineup.

Have a Truck? Make it Better with Rolling Big Power!

Funny thing about American truck owners. As soon as they get their ride, they want to put bigger tires on it. But, of course, seriously bigger tires will not fit on most stock trucks. So consequently, they buy a leveling kit or suspension lift to make room for those bigger tires. Not surprisingly, RBP makes them both.

Almost every pickup is built with a rake with the rear higher than the nose. Suspensions raise the back to compensate for full payloads. Of course, if you have a winch, heavy bumper, or plow hanging off your truck, the rake is significantly increased. An RBP Leveling Kit will not only level out the profile but give you up to 2.5 inches of lift, making room for up to 35-inch tires. Made in America out of U.S. Milled Certified Steel, CNC cut and welded, RPB leveling kits offer superior strength. In addition, RBP kits are engineered to retain OE steering and handling characteristics.

If you want to go taller for more off-road capability or to make a statement, RBP has a Suspension Lift for you. Manufactured and engineered in the United States, these kits are the result of 3D modeling, ensuring a perfect fit with OE components.

Now that you have your tall ride, you might look at the RBP Stealth Power Running Boards to make entry and exit a snap for passengers that are shorter than you. These electric running boards automatically deploy when the door is opened and retract snugly against the rock rail when closed. Want more? How about the RBP Midnight Edition Grille that features an all-black design with two LED light bars or RX 3 Grille featuring stainless steel construction and iconic studded edging? Or you can dress up those bare metal exhaust tips with your choice of five RBP Exhaust Tip designs.

Obviously, RBP has more to offer than world-class off-road wheels. What we like about the brand is the consistent quality of materials and manufacturing the company applies to all its products. It is the kind of brand that is not going to disappoint our customers, and that is gold to us.

If you have questions or need more information on any RBP product, give us a call at 713-682-1085 and talk to one of our off-road specialists. We are always ready to offer our opinions and advice about any of the products we carry.

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