Toyo Tire – An Affordable Off-Road Option

Toyo Tire – An Affordable Off-Road Option

As Houston’s one-stop-shop for all things Jeep off-road, AWT Jeep has a ton of first-hand experience plus mountains of feedback from our family of off-road customers. When it comes to off-road rubber, one brand keeps popping up as an effective and affordable off-road tire suitable for your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator and that’s Toyo. To be sure, if you are a hardcore off-road enthusiast, if you race your ride or participate in extreme rock crawling, there are better, more expensive brands (and we carry them). But if you are a weekend adventurer who enjoys time on the trail in your Jeep, the Toyo will carry you across all but the most extreme terrain just fine.

While we focus on Jeep, Toyo offers a full line of tires for cars, SUVs and pickups. That said, their niche has become off-road and harsh weather rubber thanks mostly to their Nano Balance technology. The key to any tire’s performance is the chemical stew that creates the compound used to construct the tire. Tread pattern, sidewall strength, and all the other important characteristics of a tire that can be measured, don’t mean squat compared to the compound used to make them.

The ”rubber” in all tires includes fillers. Natural rubber or latex rubber is too soft to hold up as a functional tire by itself. Fillers are added to provide strength. Ideally these fillers would be uniformly dispersed at a molecular level in the rubber to provide optimal benefit, something that was beyond tire maker capabilities until Toyo introduced nano process technology. For Toyo, the change to compound resulted in exceptional traction, significantly improved treadwear and improved heat resistance, all characteristics that are important to off-road drivers.

Open Country – Rubber for All Jeep Rides

Toyo keeps it simple and markets the model name Open Country to cover a wide array of its most popular tires. The Open Country M/T for example, is an awesome rough terrain tire with an aggressive tread pattern, durability, and long tread life. When your Wrangler is sporting these tires, you can expect excellent performance on the pavement as a daily drive or when there are no roads at all. Traction is the name of the game and the Open Country M/T features a tread design with hook shaped blocks, deep siping in the tread blocks and scalloped shoulder blocks to provide traction in mud, snow, gravel and sand. If you don’t need the big honking tread blocks of the M’T, then the Open Country A/T all terrain may be your best bet. Cut and chip resistant featuring increased tread block rigidity, stone ejecting blocks, and staggered shoulder lugs, the A/T provides performance on and off the road.

The Toyo comes in a wide range of sizes so even if you've given your ride a lift Toyo will have rubber that fits. We carry all of the Toyo line but the M/T and A/T are the best-selling off-road rubber.

Yes, they make a fine tire but they also have another secret weapon. Toyo is a quality brand that prices itself as something less. We think Toyo, and possibly Nitto, are the best off-road values available. If you are in the market for new off-road rubber, give us a call at 877-223-6460. We have a huge tire inventory and we are ready to fill your off-road tire needs today. Call us and check out our tire/wheel packages for even more value!

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