XD-Series Wheels - Rims for Adrenalin Freaks

XD-Series Wheels - Rims for Adrenalin Freaks

XD-Series Wheels - Rims for Adrenalin Freaks

If you're the kind of Jeep driver who likes to test the limits of your TJ, JK, or JL Wrangler, AWT Jeep is now carrying a line of wheels expressly engineered for extreme trail behavior. The KMC XD-Series rims are right at home ripping across the sand Baja style, crawling monster boulders or kicking up rooster tails in a big old mud hole. If you have the guts, the XD-Series has the grit to get you there.

KMC has decades of experience designing hardcore off-road performance wheels for motocross racing teams. They have applied their engineering and manufacturing experience to their line of XD rims ranging from cast singe piece to luxury forged two-piece wheels to appeal to the off-road, non-racing enthusiast. If you want style and strength as well as a great value, the XD Series is right down your alley. These rims will give you the performance you want on the trails and catch a lot of eyes with their aggressive styling and finishes.

The Biggest Problem with XD Series Wheels

We just finished saying how tough, durable and good looking these custom performance wheels were, how could there be a problem? The problem is, there are a ton of them to choose from. Over 200 different designs and finishes are available and if that's not enough, KMC is committed to frequently introduce new models to keep the XD Series line "fresh." All those choices can freeze you into inaction.

Feel free to browse all the hot rims on our site, but we would suggest that before you get serious, there are a few things you want to do. Know what you want and need, there is a difference. Think about your ride and how new rims are going to affect both the performance and appearance. Does your ride have a suspension lift? If so, know what the tolerances are for offset and backspacing. What kind of rubber are you going to wrap these rims in? And of course, because size matters, what kind of diameter and width are you looking for? Once you have the answers you can pare down the selection of wheels to those that meet your specs. But when it comes to designs and finish, be ready to have your mind changed.

For example, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd and you are running really big tires, the XD 860 Onslaught with its reverse 12 spoke design ending at the rim's lip, finished in candy apple red is going to make a real statement. For a more conventional look, the SD 862 Raid features an iconic 6 spoke design highlighted with a simulated beadlock and finished in "cement" for a distinctive but not eye-blinding look. For that serious off-road look, the XD 856 Omega in a satin black bronze tint, 12 windows and big black center cap fits the bill. And that's just the beginning.

There's an easier way to pick out your new XD Series. Give us a call at 877-223-6460 and one of our wheel specialists will give you a hand. While you're at it, ask about our wheel/tire package with free shipping to get an amazing discount on rims and rubber!

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