Zone Offroad – The Other Affordable Lift Kit

Zone Offroad – The Other Affordable Lift Kit

If you are ready to take your off-road ride to the next level, you are probably exploring lift kits. Lift kits offer you a whole new perspective and off-road driving experience not to mention a huge boost in your ride’s coolness factor. But messing with a vehicle’s suspension can be tricky. Obviously, you want a carefully engineered, high quality system installed professionally by experienced technicians. At the same time you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. At AWT Jeep, we have you covered.

Until recently, Rough Country was the brand you would most likely turn to. They have a reputation for excellence in lift suspensions and they are reasonably priced. Rough Country is a good brand. But there is another player as well that is gaining popularity among the lift crowd and that’s Zone Offroad. Zone is a smaller company owned by a larger company, the high-end lift suspension manufacturer BDS who in turn is owned by the huge company FOX. This pedigree is important as we will see in a moment.

Zone-Offroad – Performance, Reliability and Economic Peace of Mind

Zone Offroad is based in the little town of Coldstream, MI and when we say based, we mean that every part of the design, manufacturing, and shipping process is handled by the good people of Coldstream. Zone Offroad is 100% sourced and manufactured in the United States. There is a foundry across the street from Zone’s plant that casts the knuckles and control arms. All the parts are CNC cut at the plant. Welding is done off-site but at a company in Coldstream. Assembly, quality control, inspection and shipping is all done in the Zone plant by Zone employees. There is no outsourcing, no importing from China, the whole assembly from design, to engineering, to manufacturing is accomplished in one place.

Now the fact that they are owned by BDS means they have access to the up-scale engineering and manufacturing processes used by a much more expensive brand. The same goes for upgrades to their systems. Zone can offer Fox Shocks as an upgrade for less than you can buy at a retail dealer. And then there’s this. Zone is usually one of the first companies to announce their new year lineup. That’s because they get early releases of OE vehicles and have the opportunity to design kits specific to a model, make and year and try them out before releasing them for sale. Largely because of the testing that goes into these kits, Zone Offroad offers a Factory Protection Plus warranty which basically covers any suspension related damage that the dealer says in not covered by the OEM warranty.

So, Zone Offroad provides a range of suspension kits, all NHTSA approved, at an affordable price and backed by an awesome warranty. All you need is a professional installation job and of course, that’s us. Give us a call at 877-223-6460 or drop by the shop and let’s chat about how we can get your ride to stand a little taller.

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