Looking now at American Wheel & Tire, you would have no idea that it started in 1985 with 500 tires, a small shop and serious determination and hard work from Michael Gust and his mother Barbara.

The company is now 35 years strong and plans ahead for the changing markets, styles and trends.  The beginning years were focused on the tire and wheel business and providing the best service to our loyal customers.  That part hasn’t changed a bit.  Service, customer care and providing an exceptional buying experience are all part of the quality we strive to always provide.

American Wheel & Tire now also provides truck and jeep accessories to the off-road enthusiasts.  We do suspension lifts and upgrades to make jeeps and trucks standout from the crowd.  We carry the best products from light bars to steps, custom leather and custom paint.  If you want it we can make it happen.  This includes us building you a custom jeep with all the upgrades you desire.

Mike is on the cutting edge of the business and maintains excellent relationships with the best vendors in the industry.  We can provide you with the best of the best and also save you money with our exceptional in house brands.  We are happy to fix your bent wheels, check your tire pressure and keep you safe on the road. We truly are your one stop shop in caring for your vehicle.

American Wheel and Tire is now in the performance business through our AWT Motorsports division.  We have technicians with over 45 years service experience who have the expertise in exotic vehicles. We are your luxury car repair facility.  We specialize in scheduled maintenance, repair and upgrades for BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Ferrari, Porsche and all European vehicles.

We are insured, highly rated with the BBB and with our 35 + years experience in this business, you can trust us to provide you with all things automotive.   When you think about your car, think about American Wheel & Tire.

35 years American Wheel and Tire Jeeps

Jeep Gladiator JT Builds

2020 Adventure JT Gladiator
2020 Firecracker Red JT Gladiator
2020 Urban JT Gladiator
2020 Adventure Army Kevlar® JT Gladiator
2020 Gator Rubicon JT Gladiator
2020 White JT Gladiator
2020 Adventure Kevlar® JT Gladiator
2020 Gray JT Gladiator
2020 Adventure Nardo Gray Kevlar® JT Gladiator
2020 Silver JT Gladiator Build
2020 Black & Bronze JT Gladiator
2020 Trail JT Gladiator
2020 Blue Rubicon JT Gladiator
2020 Urban Warrior JT Gladiator

Jeep Wrangler JL Builds

2018 Army Kevlar® JL Jeep
2018 Orange Crush JL Jeep
2018 White Sahara JL Jeep
2019 White Sport JL Jeep
2020 Gray JL Jeep
2018 Black Sport JL Jeep
2018 Red Barron JL Jeep
2019 Black & (Grabber) Blue Kevlar® JL Jeep
2020 Bikini Rubicon JL Jeep
2020 Gray Kevlar® Rubicon JL
2018 Green Machine JL Jeep
2018 Satin Black Wrap Sport JL Jeep
2019 Black Beauty JL Jeep
2020 Black & Green JL Jeep Build
2020 Sting Gray Rubicon JL Jeep
2018 Legend JL Jeep
2018 Scorpion JL Jeep
2019 Granite Crystal JL Jeep
2020 Black & Maroon JL Jeep Build
2020 The General JL Jeep
2018 Mall Crawler JL Jeep
2018 Scorpion Two-Tone Kevlar JL Jeep
2019 Pacific JL Jeep
2020 Black Rubicon JL Jeep
2020 Yellow JL Jeep
2018 Nart Blue Kevlar® JL Jeep
2018 Sky Kevlar® JL Jeep
2019 Tactical JL Jeep
2020 Granite Gray JL Jeep

Jeep Wrangler JK Builds

2010 Tri-Color Kevlar® JK Jeep
2014 Black Sport JK Jeep
2016 Aviator JK Jeep
2016 Gray Wrapped JK Jeep
2016 Thunder Edition JK Jeep
2017 Ranger JK Jeep
2013 Gray & Tiffany Blue Rubicon JK Jeep
2014 Ultimate Black Kevlar® JK Jeep
2016 Black Sahara JK Jeep
2016 Papa Smurf JK Jeep
2016 White Sport JK Jeep
2017 RBP Kevlar JK Jeep
2013 Rugged Brown Sahara JK Jeep
2015 Bruiser JK Jeep
2016 Granite Rubicon JK Jeep
2016 RBP Edition JK Jeep
2017 Black & Gray Kevlar® JK Jeep
2018 White Rubicon JK Jeep
2013 Ultimate Gray Kevlar® JK Jeep
2015 Nighthawk JK Jeep
2016 Graphite Kevlar® JK Jeep
2016 Remington JK Jeep
2017 F4 JK Jeep
2013 Ultimate JK Jeep
2015 OldSkool JK Jeep
2016 Gray Kevlar® JK Jeep
2016 Silver Rubicon JK Jeep
2017 Green & Black Kevlar® Jk Jeep build
2014 Army Green Kevlar® JK Jeep
2015 White Sport JK Jeep
2016 Gray Sport JK Jeep
2016 Tactical JK Jeep
2017 Grid JK Jeep
2016 Aviator JK Jeep
2017 Ranger JK Jeep
2015 Bruiser JK Jeep
2016 RBP Edition JK Jeep
2017 F4 JK Jeep
2017 RBP Kevlar JK Jeep
2017 Grid JK Jeep
2016 Papa Smurf JK Jeep
2013 Ultimate JK Jeep
2015 Nighthawk JK Jeep
2015 OldSkool JK Jeep
2016 Tactical JK Jeep