Jeep License Plate Adapter (97-06 Wrangler TJ) - 10510

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Retain your factory rear license plate position when using aftermarket bumpers with Rough Country's TJ License Plate Adapter. This easy to install adapter affords extra clearance for your rear-mounted license plate, allowing you to mount your plates in conjunction with aftermarket bumpers featuring rear-tire carriers.Many people improve the look and functionality of their Jeep TJ's by upgrading the rear bumper to include a swing-out tire carrier. These oversized rear bumpers are perfect for holding a full-size aftermarket spare wheel and tire, but they don't leave much room for the rear-facing license plate. This 100% bolt-on kit makes it easy to retain you license plate mounting position while offering plenty of room to operate the locking mechanism on your swing-out rear tire carrier.Rough Country License Plate Adapter (Wrangler TJ / LJ) - 10510

Rear; For RC Bumpers w/Swing Out Tire Carriers

  • Install Time 1-2 Hours

Jeep License Plate Adapter (97-06 Wrangler TJ) - 10510