Jeep TJ Rear Forged Adjustable Track Bar (0-6in) - 1075

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Keep your axle tight and centered with Rough Country Forged Adjustable Track Bar for Jeep TJ. This massive 16-lb Track Bar is nearly twice the weight of your factory Track bar, offering you unparalleled support and the ultimate peace of mind in any driving situation.Rough Country Track Bar is made of forged steel, offering considerable strength over DOM tubing and other less durable designs. It also features Clevite rubber bushings and a beefy construction that will dwarf stock uipment. Once installed, this upgraded Track Bar keeps steering nice and tight, and promotes vastly improved handling even under pure off-road torture.For those who are serious about flexing, crawling, and pushing your Jeep to the limits, Rough Country Forged Adjustable Track Bar is a must. A Jeeps track bar is a crucial driveline component that centers the axle under the Jeep and limits side to side movement. When you lift a Jeep it extends the distance from the axle to the frame mounting point. A stock-length, factory track bar isnt long enough to compensate for this distance and is forced into an odd angle that leaves the Jeep wildly off-center.Rough Country Forged Adjustable Track Bar and included Track Bar Brackets solve this problem, helping you recreate the original track bar angles while accommodating the new lift height. With a 100% bolt-on installation process, its easy to install and fully adjustable on the vehicle; meaning no trial and error lining it up, and no more wasted time just to dial in your bar and center your axle. Simply measure the distance from your bumpstop the edge of your tire tread on both sides, and crank the track bar by hand until the axle is perfectly centered.Rough Country Rear Forged Adjustable Track Bar for 0-6-inch Lifts - 1075

For 0-6 in. Lift; 1.25 in. Dia.;w/0-6 in. Lift;

  • Install Time 1-2 Hours

Jeep TJ Rear Forged Adjustable Track Bar (0-6in) - 1075